Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding Infuzer and downloadable schedules

What is Infuzer?

Infuzer is a tool that copies dates from our Web site or e-mails straight into your electronic calendar (Outlook, Lotus and Palm). Unlike other calendar entry methods, Infuzer synchronizes the calendar entries with the most up to date information automatically every four hours.

Supported operating systems

Infuzer supports Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. Windows Vista is not yet fully supported.

Supported electronic calendars

• Lotus Notes r4.5
• Lotus Notes r4.6
• Lotus Notes r5
• Lotus Notes r6
• Microsoft Outlook 2003
• Microsoft Outlook 2000
• Microsoft Outlook 97
• Microsoft Outlook 98
• Microsoft Outlook XP (2002)
• Palm Desktop Date Book 3.0
• Most calendar applications on PDA’s, Blackberries, Smart Phones and iPods can sync with one of the above platforms.

What are the benefits of the downloadable schedule?

Along with having the entire 2007 - 2008 schedule instantly downloaded into your electronic calendar, the Infuzer entries will update with the latest information on game time changes as well as the latest news on game promotions or special offers.

How do I start using Infuzer?

When you first click on any Infuzer icon you'll be asked to download the small application to your computer. The download and installation process is easy and only takes a few moments. After that, Infuzer is as simple as clicking on a program or event marked with the Infuzer icon. Infuzer will directly copy the details into your desktop calendar.

To download Infuzer

Please use Internet Explorer as the browser of choice and you will also need to disable your pop-up blockers. Infuzer supports Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox and Netscape (versions 4 and above) but must be initially configured through Internet Explorer. The browser must have cookies, Active-X and javascript enabled.

Note: If you regularly delete your cookies, Infuzer will not function properly without resetting the Infuzer cookie. Go to and click on the download/upgrade button to reset your Infuzer cookie.

Privacy and security

Infuzer poses no threat to the privacy of your calendar because it cannot read any other entries in your calendar. Infuzer is completely free of any “adware” or “spyware” and will not share your information with any third party. Additionally, Infuzer always asks you to confirm entries before adding them to your calendar, so you retain complete control. It will not allow "spam" into your calendar because it only copies events which you have selected.