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Meet GNASH, the Predators' Mascot

GNASH, the lovable and fun-loving Predators mascot, energizes the crowd during home games with stunts, skits, spirit, and a trace of spunk.


In 1971, construction crews discovered the bones of a saber-tooth tiger in a cave below the city, proving that they once inhabited this region. Archaeologists know that the powerful cat survived the Ice Age longer than any other mammal, making it the dominant predator on the planet for thousands of years. The ice has returned, and apparently so has the saber-tooth tiger.

In 1971, it was believed that no archaeological find would ever match their recent discovery. Then in 1994, while digging the foundations for the new Nashville Arena (now called Bridgestone Arena), an even greater discovery was made. Deep beneath the surface, down where the earth is cold and dark, the drills and jackhammers unearthed a beast, a baby saber tooth tiger, completely frozen in a huge block of ice. The site had obviously laid undisturbed for millions of years.

Rather than subject the creature to an existence of endless scientific research and study living in a cage, they looked for a place where he could feel at home. The cat would need a place that felt like a cave, where he would hear the familiar roar of his own kind. And, above all else, he needed ice!

The crew placed the frozen cub in the center of the Center to thaw. When they returned the next morning, the ice had melted and the creature was gone. They searched for days, but never found him. They feared that he was gone forever, but they were wrong. The little beast had gone in search of other tigers in this strange new world.

After several years, he had given up hope of ever finding any of his kind again. Then on October 10th, 1998, he heard the familiar roar of other saber tooth tigers. What he found were Predators fans cheering their team on Opening Night. He had found a home.

Now all grown up, the huge beast lives in the dark corners of Bridgestone Arena, and only comes out of hiding when he hears the familiar Predators roar that reminds him of home.

Nashville Predators Kids Club, presented by Delta Dental

Nashville Predators Kids Club presented by Delta Dental is filled to the brim, with features, events, membership benefits, and so much more! Choose from two fun-filled membership options open to young Preds fans ages 13-and-under. Signing up is easy! Click here or visit the Kids Club tables outside sections 112 and 331 during Preds home games.


GNASH also makes over 600 appearances during the year in the community. Whether it be a birthday party, a classroom full of kids, retail promotions, school fundraisers, corporate events, parades, or even wedding receptions, GNASH is the perfect addition to your event. To request GNASH for an event, read the descriptions below then fill out the GNASH Appearance Request Form.

In-Game Fangtastic GNASH Greeting

There is no better way to say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations or Welcome than with the world's craziest mascot.
GNASH in-game packages include:

  • A GNASH visit to your seat during a stoppage of play in the first or second period.  You will be notified via email one (1) business day prior to the game as to which period he will visit.
  • A Predators prize pack which includes an official Predators puck, Predators shirt, and a personal, autographed picture of GNASH.
  • A Megatron greeting during the first period.


GNASH in-game greetings are limited to four per game and are first come, first served.  All in-game appearances must be scheduled two business days prior to the desired game date (e.g. for a Thursday game, the cutoff would be the end of business on Tuesday)
Cost: $85

Retail Promotions

Bring the thrill of GNASH and the Nashville Predators to your event, whether it is a New Store Opening, Back-to-School Sale, Radio Remote, Holiday Sale or Merchandise Promotion.
Sponsor Cost: $250/Hr and $200 each additional hour
Non-Sponsor Cost: $350/Hr and $275 each additional hour

Private Parties/Events

Any party comes to life with autographs, entertainment, pictures, playtime and general mayhem from GNASH.

$120 Drop-In (minimum of 15 minutes of autographs and pictures plus a gift for the birthday child.  Plus, Predators stickers, foam puck and a Gnash picture for all in attendance)

$210 Party Guest (minimum of 30 minutes of Autographs, Entertainment, Pictures, Gift Opening and Playtime. Also, gifts for the birthday child and Predators stickers, foam puck and a Gnash picture for their party guest)

$450 Birthday Hat Trick (minimum 1 hour includes: Your choice of GNASH and his 4-wheeler or street hockey equipment. Gifts for the birthday child including a hat, puck, stick, and T-shirt. Predators birthday cake and 20 Predators pucks for kids attending the party.  Everyone also receives stickers, pencils and posters.)

School and Charity Events
School Carnivals, Award Assemblies and Local Charity Fundraisers are all more effective with GNASH.
$125 (Up to 30-45 minutes depending on event and availability)

Community Events
GNASH draws attention and excitement to every event he attends, whether a Little League Opening Ceremony, Scout Meeting, Civic Celebration, Community Festival, Awareness Event or Fun Run.
$150 (up to one (1) hour depending on event and availability)

Charity -- 501(c)3 -- Appearances:
Nationally chartered 501(c)3 non-profit charity organizations (American Cancer Society, Heart Association, etc.) are eligible to receive dicounted GNASH appearance. These appearances typically last a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes and are $75. Appearances for all other 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations (including churches) will be charged a minimal fee for the appearance of $100.

Please be aware that all charity requests will require a copy of your 501(c)3 paperwork, assigning non-profit status to your organization, prior to the event.

All charity events must be scheduled a minimum of two (2) business days prior to the desired date, and are first come, first served.

To request GNASH for your event, fill out the GNASH Appearance Request Form