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The Predators Foundation's Board of Directors selects four charities each year to be highlighted throughout the season. These "featured charities" are provided game tickets for youth, GNASH and player visits, and recognition in team publications. as well as other unique opportunities for enhanced publicity.

Feature Charities

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The featured charities for the 2008-09 season are:

ABLE Youth

WEBSITE: www.ableyouth.org

MISSION STATEMENT: To reach and teach children in wheelchairs ages three through high school the importance of complete independence in all activities of daily living, which in turn leads to self-esteem, motivation, and a desire to excel. The children are taught The ABLE Way - to Adapt, Believe, Love, and Enjoy life as it pertains to them.

COUNTIES/STATES SERVED: ABLE Youth serves all counties in the state of Tennessee, as well as various counties in Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama.

ABOUT ABLE YOUTH: ABLE Youth, Inc. (Athletes Building Life Experiences) is a program specifically designed to improve the quality of life for children ages three through high school that live their lives from a wheelchair. The program teaches independence through the introduction of wheelchair sports and recreation. Wheelchair basketball, tennis, golf, water and snow skiing, cheerleading, flying, and fishing are just a few of the activities made available to the children as they begin to show signs of independence. It was founded as a 501 c-3 non-profit organization in 2003. The program serves approximately 40 children per year. ABLE Youth is currently looking to open more programs in West and East Tennessee. Although some of the participants are nationally competitive athletes, the program emphasizes skills in a much more important game, the game of life. All children who attend ABLE Youth are taught what it takes to achieve happy, healthy, spiritual, and independent lives.

DID YOU KNOW?  ABLE Youth is the only independence/sports program in the state of Tennessee that serves these and other special needs children.

HOW THE PREDATORS FOUNDATION’S GRANT MONEY WILL BE USED: The funds collected from partnering with the Nashville Predators will be used for purchasing wheelchairs, uniforms, transportation expenses, program expansion, and our newly formed job placement program.

Family and Children’s Services

WEB SITE: www.fcsnashville.org

MISSION STATEMENT: Family & Children’s Service provides real help for real hurt, right now ®. Through compassionate expertise, we strengthen relationships to create hope and healing.

COUNTIES WE SERVE: Davidson County

ABOUT FAMILY AND CHILDREN’S SERVICES: The sector of Family and Children’s services that will be served is the Davidson County Relative Caregiver Program.

The Davidson County Relative Caregiver Program is a comprehensive public/private collaboration that provides supportive services to families that have taken custody of relative children in order to ensure that children maintain familial bonds and avoid the formal foster care system.

Services currently offered include: short-term case management, support groups, youth enrichment activities, emergency financial assistance and material assistance.

DID YOU KNOW? Family and Children’s Services offers a 24-hour emergency help line 365 days a year at 2-1-1.

HOW THE PREDATORS FOUNDATION'S GRANT MONEY WILL BE USED: Through the generosity of the Predators Foundation, a mentoring program has been implemented to meet the special emotional needs of 25 youth ages 12-18 that have been separated from their biological parents due to issues such as abuse, neglect, and parental incarceration.

This project seeks to enhance these youths' ability to develop and sustain trusting relationships, improve self-esteem, and improve overall interpersonal skills. The youth will each be matched with an individual mentor that will have contact with them a minimum of 4 hours per month for the next year through agreed upon activities such as attending sporting events or going to the movies. The Davidson County Relative Caregiver Program will train staff, mentors, youth and caregivers and will oversee the match in order to ensure its ongoing appropriateness.

Currently, the program has identified 10 youth to receive these services and is working to make appropriate matches and obtain background checks for mentors. A "Kick-Off" event will be held at the DCRCP center on September 22, 2007 in order for mentors and mentees to strengthen their bond while having fun! Other events will include: a holiday party and community service project, for which the children will provide leadership in planning, a spring group mentoring outing, and a Wrap-up Event which will focus on recognition of the mentors by the youth.

Powerhouse Youth Project

WEB SITE:  www.powerhouse.org

MISSION STATEMENT: The Powerhouse Youth Project exists to serve the student population between the ages of 6 and 18. It is our desire to educate the student population and enable them to reject illegal drugs and alcohol by making good choices. Our challenge to the elementary students is focused on literacy and nutrition. We believe CHOICE is the center of it all. The school assembly program serves at the catalyst between existing organizations, government agencies, faith-based initiatives, and civic groups. This synergy between existing groups provides a wonderful opportunity for success. The message is honest, relevant, original, and impacting.

COUNTIES WE SERVE: All of Middle Tennessee

ABOUT POWERHOUSE YOUTH PROJECT: Powerhouse Youth Project is designed to speak truth into a student’s life. The process is called “edutainment.” The elementary assembly program focuses on literacy and nutrition, the middle school and high school program focuses on the Power of Choice. The programs are high energy, relevant, and impacting to the student’s lives. Powerhouse seeks to partner with other organizations in the community around each school in order that proper follow up can occur. The middle school/high school program is designed around a LIVE band using state of the art audio, video, lighting, and a 25 minute message. The elementary program has been compared to a Nickelodeon/Disney TV show.  This game show is highly competitive and provides a teachable atmosphere for the students.

DID YOU KNOW? Powerhouse works with professional sports teams as we believe sports and music are the two greatest delivery platforms for our message.  All Students participate in this category through group participation or in the purchasing habits.

Powerhouse has worked with Miss Tennessee, Miss USA and is currently one of the platforms for the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Powerhouse distributes a 24-page magazine to all students in the middle school/high school assembly with articles from students, musicians, and athletes about their stories and the difference good choices can make.

Powerhouse has been in the schools for over 6 years.

Powerhouse has been used by the state of Tennessee board of education as the platform for many of its youth organizations.  (TSA, FCCLA)

Powerhouse has provided a main stage for the mayors back to school event held in Nashville Tennessee at the arena for the past 3 years.

HOW THE PREDATORS FOUNDATION'S GRANT MONEY WILL BE USED: The Powerhouse Youth Project will be using the funds awarded by the Predators foundation this year in launching a new web presence to connect to kids and students to further our message and the impact of the assembly program.


WEB SITE: www.rocketown.com

MISSION STATEMENT: Rocketown’s mission is to create culturally-relevant environments that foster vital relationships between disconnected teens and mentors in order to meet their physical, social and spiritual needs.

COUNTIES SERVED: All of Middle Tennessee

ABOUT THE ROCKETOWN: Singer/songwriter Michael W. Smith founded Rocketown in 1994 to give teens a positive alternative to the many negative pressures they face. The first of its kind in the Southeast, Rocketown has grown into a regional outreach as well as a model for faith-based relational outreach across the country.

For several years Rocketown operated as a teen club in Franklin. Following the tragedy of Columbine in 1999, Rocketown’s board was inspired to grow the scope of programming and move to a central location in downtown Nashville. The new facility opened in 2003 and houses a coffee bar; photography, art and dance studios; stages for live entertainment; and Nashville’s only indoor skatepark. An average of 1,350 teens from across Middle Tennessee participate in programs each week.

The heart of Rocketown's vision is to help teens develop into healthy, productive adults who are able to contribute to their community. Our central location, unique programming, and scholarships for disadvantaged youth, enable us to create an environment that is both diverse (racially, culturally and economically) and accessible. 

Rocketown serves all teens, but specifically targets youth who are not traditionally served by other programs. Many participants are not involved in mainstream school activities and are desperate for adult guidance and acceptance.

Rocketown provides teens with after school activities, leadership training, service opportunities, classes and summer programs in film editing, graphic design, songwriting, audio engineering, photography, dance, and skateboarding.  Youth at Rocketown are valued for who they are while also challenged to reach their full potential. 

DID YOU KNOW? Based on Tennessee’s 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results, our youth face some frightening statistics. One in four has considered or attempted suicide. Nearly two thirds have been sexually active. One in three has used marijuana and one in four has engaged in heavy drinking. Rocketown provides the vital positive influences necessary to impact youth culture, directing teens away from potentially destructive elements and channeling their energy into a place where they can develop skills, build positive relationships, and use their time constructively. There are more than 100,000 visits to Rocketown annually.

HOW THE PREDATORS FOUNDATION'S GRANT MONEY WILL BE USED: Funds will be used to help install air conditioning in our skatepark. Sixth Avenue Skatepark, Middle Tennessee’s only indoor skatepark, is a vital component to our outreach to teens. There are an average of 350 youth in the park each week in-line skating, biking and skateboarding. Teens are drawn to the skatepark where they can take lessons, better their skills, and enjoy their friends in a supervised, safe and encouraging atmosphere. In order to provide mentoring opportunities and to help teens on an individual basis, Skatepark staff provide enrichment programs that include a weekly Bible study, classes, clinics, professional demonstrations and an in-house skate team. The skate team provides demonstrations throughout the state, taking our portable ramps and a positive message to schools, fairs and community events.